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          地  址 :蘇州市黃橋工業區南2號
          電  話 :0512-88188130
          E-mail :sales@boliypower.com
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          Product name: Wind Turbines

          Class: Wind turbines
          Item: Air400

          Rotor Diameter:47 inches (1.2m)
          Weight:13 lbs (5.7kg)
          (Shipping: 27”x15”x9” (685x37x227mm) / 17 lbs (7.7kg))
          Mount:1.5” schedule 40 pipe (1.9” OD, 48 mm)
          Magnetic Material: NdFeB  (Neodymium Iron Boron)
          Shaft Bearing: High Standard Sealed Bearing (NSK)
          Shaft: Stainless Steel
          Fasteners (nuts and bolts): Stainless Steel
          Start-up wind speed:7 mph (3.13 m/s)
          Voltage:12 and 24 VDC (36 and 48 VDC available soon)
          Rated Power:400 watts at 28mph (12.5m/s)
          Controller: Microprocessor-based smart external regulator with Peak Power Tracking
          Blades: Carbon Fiber Composite
          Body: Cast aluminum (Marine is powder coated for corrosion protection)
          Energy Production:38 kWh/mo @12mph (5.4m/s)
          Warranty:3 Year Limited Warranty
          Survival Wind speed:110 mph (49.2 m/s)
          Over-speed Protection: Electronic torque control
          Battery Bank Minimum:100 amp hours @ 12V, 50 amp hours @ 24V

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